Yellowstone - Grand Tetons - Jackson Hole
We have just become empty nesters so what is the best way to celebrate? Road Trip!

The Prader-Willi National Conference was being held in Salt Lake City so we chose to pack up the car and drive through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming on our way to Utah and visit Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole. We left in the late afternoon with the car full of camping gear and decided to stop in Spokane and sleep in the car, which ended up being so uncomfortable due to all the gear and the wicked heat. We gave up the idea of sleeping and got back on the road and drove through the night across Idaho and into Montana.

We did not have a plan on what route we would take, where we would stop or what we would see, only that we had to arrive in Utah five days after we started. This gave us the freedom to pick and chose what we wanted to do and see and really made it so much more fun.

After making through the conference, we continued back up to Boise to see our friends Bill & Taryn and then we drove through Oregon over to Cannon Beach where Susan's family were vacationing. I had to get back to work so I drove over to Hood River to make a pick-up and then drove through sweltering heat, construction traffic and final two hours of rain to get home.