Goten Tag (Good day)

The opportunity to travel back to Germany was due to an invitation by the Meissen Porcelain Studio in Meissen Germany. Because we were one of the main retailers of Meissen Porcelain, they invited me to attend a 5 day seminar at the factory to see production and design first hand. This was being held in English and besides myself were tow women from Dubai, two women from the UK, one man from China and 4 women from the Czech Republic.

The amount of information we received along with the ability to get to view artisans at work and every facet of production made me appreciate the God given talent of everyone from the master painters down to those doing the final flattening of the pieces. The attention to detail is incredible and I was surprised to see how many young people were involved. With the ability to make a lot of money in the computer industry as just one example, it is wonderful that so many young adults are choosing to work in the arts where except for the few, pay is not great, training is in years not weeks, and the need for concentration is massive

The hospitality that they should us was more then we could ask for and the chance to be with this group of people for so many nations was great. Making friends was easy and the hardest part was saying goodbye.