Cruising Eh!

Susan and I had so much fun on this three day cruise last year that we wanted to do it again and the group this year were all first timers except for Peggy and Gary who came on the cruise last year.

When we tell someone we are going on a cruise, they always seem to ask if it is to Alaska or some other far away place and I guess we could say we are going to another country but the look on their faces when we tell them it is to BC is priceless. For such a short cruise (Friday afternoon to Monday morning), once we arrive back in Seattle, we feel refreshed like it has been much longer. This years cruise went to Vancouver on Saturday and Nanaimo on Sunday and just like last year, the weather was sunny and very warm for this time of year.

All four of the Masterson siblings joined us this year and we did not have to separate them even once. Alan & Liz Maxey, who I met through the Moyer Foundation when Liz worked there, were also in our group and their friends Paul & Catie Monks joined us as well. I had met Catie a month or so before just by chance at Swedish Ballard. I have to say I found her to be a lot more fun on the cruise then at our first meeting (sorry, inside joke..literally). They were great to have along and nice to have as new friends.

The only tense moment of the trip involved a Cuban cigar, a freakish white dress shirt and a chance meeting before dinner on Saturday. It was enough to make little child flee!