Legacy Farms

This was our first visit to Legacy Farms which is owned by our friends Rick & Deb Clagett. It is located in the rolling country side of Newburg Oregon and is surrounded by farmland and vineyards.

Having never been up close to an Alpaca (or as close as they let you get to them) it was interesting to see how curious and clannish they are. They do keep you at legs (they have no arms) length, but want to find out what you are doing.

Two things that were really fun to watch was first when their dog came running out of the house and down to the fence of one of the Alpaca yards, the group turned an ran as the dog chased. As soon as the dog turned and started to run back down the fence, the group turned and chased him back.

The second was when two Alpaca were face to face and, for lack of a better term, where talkin' smack to each other. This turned into a mock spitting fight which mainly consist of pretending to spit but with burst of air. After a few minutes real spit (not saliva but more like stomach excretions) started to fly. The weird thing was that the winner had almost no spit on him and I swear was smiling. The loser was covered with spit and hung his head.

The only frustrating thing was that we wanted treat them like any domesticated animal and pet them but they would have none of that.